Spanish name: Palofierro
Scientific name: Olneya tesota

Palofierro or Ironwood tree grows only in the Sonoran Desert that extends into Arizona. The tree is generally hollow, commonly cracked by the hot desert sun. Because of its hardness and density Ironwood does not float on water. Ironwood figures are made by the Seri tribe of Mexican Indians that live on Tiburon Island in the Gulf of California and on the adjacent mainland in Sonora, Mexico. The figures are made with crude tools. Machetes or large butcher knives are used to chop the basic outline out of a block of wood. The form is further refined with a large file or rasp. Hacksaws make necessary deep slits. Finally, sandpaper smoothes the piece and it is rubbed with brown shoe polish. Ironwood figures are unique hand-made artistic pieces that could only be found in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Animal figures available ( from 3 to 10 inch tall)
Fishing Bear on Base view
Bear-Rough view
Grizzly Bear
Bear w/fish
Family of 3 bears on base
Resting Deer
Duck view
Eagle view
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