Coffee ( 100% Arabica) : Green Bean, Roasted & Grinded
Our Coffee comes from the most sustainable and well managed coffee farms from around the world. We introduce many kinds of coffee such as Arabica, Robusta, Antigua Coffee, Rainforest coban, conillon to name a portion of our range of great coffee.
Caffeine content
Arabica coffee contains less caffeine than Robusta: typical values for roast and ground coffee are 1.3% for Arabica and 2.4% for Robusta. As a result, the caffeine intake after one coffee cup brewed from pure Arabica is normally lower than 100 mg, whereas Robusta can give as much as 200 mg or more per cup.

Beverage quality
It is widely agreed that Arabica blends produce a fine coffee cup with more acidity, refined aroma and caramellic after-taste. Robusta characteristics are contrastingly low acidity, objectionable aromas and a woody after-taste.

Coffee is offered in three different forms, the green bean without being processed, roasted bean and grinded coffee. The price for either kind varies based on the quantity requested and location of delivery.